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frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Activate Mobile Marketing Partner Program

  • How do I register for your Activate Partner Program?

    All you have to do is click on the 'Create Account' Link on our main affiliate home page and fill in your details.  Once you confirm your account, you'll get immediate access to our partner members area and get your unique affiliate ID.
  • Do I Get My Own Unique Activate Partner URL?

    Yes, you get your very own unique affiliate link that you can immediately use on all of your promotions. Add it to your website, outgoing emails, or even your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  

    Each and every click that is generated from your unique affiliate link will be tracked by our partner marketing system.  You'll be able to view all of your traffic in the members area at any time.

  • Do You Provide any Marketing Materials or Tools?

    Yes. as soon as you join our Partner Program, you'll get access to a variety of copy and paste marketing tools that you can use immediately to start generating commissions.  Each of those marketing tools will have your own unique affiliate link embedded in it so that your referral traffic will be tracked by our affiliate system.
  • Can I View My Commissions and Referrals?

    Yes you can.  You will get complete access to all of your commissions and referral traffic in our members area.   You will also be able to view your performance on a daily and monthly basis with full reporting tools available.  Partner with us today!
  • How Do I Get Paid My Commissions?

    You'll get paid whenever you reach the set US$100 threshold amount for commissions set by our system  Once that happens we'll send you payment immediately via the payment method selected by you and then set by our marketing program.
  • Can I Use My Unique Partner Link for Offline Promotion?

    Yes you can.  You can use your affiliate link to promote our products and services both online and offline, provided it is within our accepted affiliate marketing terms.  Things such as offline flyers, cards, or mailers can be some ideas for offline marketing campaigns that you can use your unique affiliate code for.
  • If your Mobile Apps are so good - why don't you sell them yourselves?

    We do!

     But really what we do best is build Mobile Marketing Machines and, let's face it, we will never have the local contacts you do.

    Wherever you are, you are surrounded by local businesses that could benefit from having their own Mobile App. Their customers are already mobile and they seriously risk being left behind. Right now very few small businesses have their own mobile app because, up until now, it has been too expensive and too hard to find a cost effective solution.

    Activate Mobile Marketing offers that solution.

  • Mobile Apps are expensive - how competitive are Activate Mobile Apps?

    It's true, custom made Mobile Apps are still very expensive and up to now have been out of reach for small to medium businesses.

    The Activate Mobile Marketing multi platform solution is a game changer. Our custom built Mobile Apps are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and a web based HTML5 version at an extremely competitive package price, opening up the door to small and medium size businesses to capitalize on the mobile app revolution.